Modern Day Craftsmen

From the Pixel to the Tactile

It’s important to stay on the edge of new ways to communicate with your customers.  At the same time, you can’t always try every new marketing channel. We help you create a connection and grow your company through balancing both digital and traditional methods. We use every opportunity to develop a meaningful experience at every touch point.

From guiding a new customer to find you on the web through their visit to your conference room, we will help craft an experience that will stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Nicole Romero

Marketing Director

I've always been fascinated by people's passions and stories. What drives someone; how did they get to the place they are; what are their goals?

I've also found that many wildly passionate people are often pulled in many directions by their amazing ideas. Me on the other hand, I love to solve problems and am pretty linear in my thoughts. I'm able to use these skills to create marketing solutions rooted in logic and practicality, while harnessing the energy I love that comes from the wildly creative.

Successful businesses need both structure and the freedom to explore innovative ideas. My role is to help bring clarity to complexity.

I’m committed to being my client’s sounding board, cheerleader, respectful critic, and motivator.


Greg Romero

Creative Director

I’m always uncomfortable. Born the son of an architect, I learned early on if you want something in life, try to build-it. And if you want to build something – be ready to say wtf and fail. It will teach you to problem solve and that’s the most valuable skill we can learn. Problem solving isn’t one dimensional, it’s a process that can be applied to any challenge. It’s allowed me to design and create through any medium. From building boats, to global award winning advertising campaigns, to shooting photography, to a start-up's logo design, to furniture design, to changing diapers – there’s always a way.

As I raise three daughters to make the most of the world, I'm always looking for ways to show them the creative process isn't in a device. It's in a process of figuring and factoring and being really uncomfortable not instantly knowing the answer. New ideas have to be worked through from many different angles to truly find new solutions. And that takes staying out of our comfort zone until the pieces come together.

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